After doing a little research, I've found that #girlstrong means different things to different girls. Mostly, it means girls who workout a lot... that's not me and that's not what this is about, sorry you strong fabulous women. 
I was first introduced to the phrase when the feminist best friend bought this shirt...

At the time it didn't mean much to me, but recently the challenge has been put on my heart to not say a cross word about another woman. Not even a possibly-cross word. Not even a word that may in some light indicate that I have any desire to do anything other than lift her up. (imagine how female stereotypes would shift if we all tried this... not to mention, we would probably rule the world)

When you can only say nice things you begin to look for nice things which (ashamedly) has never really been my habit with other girls. I see different gifts in every woman I come across now and I am tempted to say a prayer of thanksgiving for her heart instead of being tempted to criticize.

This challenge has shown me just how much negativity I allow other people to say and how much I do say myself! I have a reminder set on my phone twice a day that just says #girlstrong to remind me to do a check on every word that leaves my mouth.

It is my tiny contribution to my gender. I'm not changing the world over here, but I'm loving the effect it's having on my own life! 
And funny little thing... when people realize you won't speak negatively about others they feel really awkward when they do.