If you followed along @windycityblogco this weekend you saw all the highlights of my trip to Columbus. It was a wonderful weekend with wonderful humans.

My sweet friend Nathan showed me all the best bits of the city (which I'm pretty sure was completely on purpose in attempt to drag me out of Chicago more permanently). I drank most of the coffee in the city limits, Henry and I got some extra snuggles, and he made the sweetest new friend, Penelope.

We had some late-night shenanigans at Mission Coffee Co discussing branding and space design.

I experienced the most delicious brunch and espresso in existence (which is saying a lot coming from a Chicago resident).


I think Columbus has a River North that they call Short North and it is way cool. I got some new rings and this brilliant map to put over my workspace.


*life isn't always picture-perfect. sometimes your latte art is hideous, your cup is too full to carry, your hair is dirty, and your counter is cluttered*