First things first, how cute is it that my gift guides had very ambitious "vol. 1" in the titles then no more were ever made? I considered deleting that part of the title now, but eh, that's me.

And now I'm making my first 2016 post a mind-dump post full of what was great about 2015 including a ridiculous amount of source links for ya.
But really, next post will be more vivacious.


Podcasts that were great:

Slate's Culture Gabfest.
This American Life.
Women of the Hour.
Gilmore Guys.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 1.17.29 PM.png


Words that were great:




Experiences that were great:

Surviving winter 2014/15.
Weeks at the beach.
Paddle boarding with Henry.
Visiting Chicago with Mallory.
Moving to Chicago.
Days on the rooftop.
Becoming a dog-sitter.
Buying knee-high snow boots.
Discovering Danielle LaPorte's soul.
Discovering deep-dish pizza.
Becoming a letterpressing badass.
Loving Redeemed Girls again.



Lessons that were great:

Just making the decision is the most important part of any decision.
Candles make your house so much cozier.
(I learned a lot about winter clothing that you don't care about, but if you do, hit me up)
Surrounding yourself with beautiful things is a worthy mission.
Life is greater if you can leave the past behind you (this is a lesson I know, but do not practice)
Having a good women's clinic is life-changing.
Camping alone is sometimes a must when you live in a city.
Knowing people nothing like you makes you a fuller, smarter, more radiant human.
Being a girl is basically the best part of being alive. Sorry boys.



Apps that were great:

Fresh Air.
Cloud Magic (your replacement for Mailbox).


You are all beautiful creatures. Welcome to 2016!