Since I'm obviously new to this blogging game, I'm doing a 30 day challenge.

But I'm not posting the full challenge... because I don't like all the challenges and I'm skipping those bad boys. Also, the person who designed it is a bad designer and I love y'all and your eyes.

Today's challenge is 10 facts about myself... hold on to your hats, chickadees, I'm a thrill!

10. I am mommy to a one-year-old Plott Hound named Henry. He is perfect. People say one day I'll love my children even more than this, but I find that very hard to believe. #brindlehenry 

9. I love going on dates. Friend dates. Romantic dates. Park dates. Coffee dates. Breakfast dates. Surprise dates. Quality time with someone nice is pretty much my favorite thing.

8. I am an Ole Miss alumnae. A proud Ole Miss alumnae. So proud and so satisfied that I still live in the not-so-sleepy little town of Oxford (for now). Sometimes I look around and feel like I'm in the town of Spectre from Big Fish. 

That's my sweet daddy.

That's my sweet daddy.

7. I really enjoy yoga. I really enjoy fitness kickboxing. Unfortunately, I loathe exercise and that tends to overpower that enjoyment and I skip yoga and kickboxing and relax with a glass of red wine... which is good for my heart so hey, I pretty much exercised.

6. I'm pretty open-minded about where my design career could go, but my ideal way to earn a living would be to do something creative with my best friend, Mallory. We work kind of perfectly together, we like the same stuff, and we like each other... what more could ya ask for? 

5. Over the last two years I have learned to love women better. Which is hard for a lot of women, including myself. But I just went through a tough time and my male friends were helpful, but the way my female friends "showed up" was amazing. Truly amazing. (Mallory from the above fact was and is an above-and-beyond friend) So if you're one of those girls that only hangs out with guys, change your ways, lady!

4. I love Malbec. Show up with a bottle and I'll sip with you until we've talked about all the good things in the world and made it to the bottom of that bottle.

3. I really really really hate paddle boarding. But it's my mother's favorite activity under the sun. So I try... because I hear that's what family does. 

2. I'm a big fan of Young Life. I was a leader in college and now I just enjoy popping in on leader training every now and then. Young Life taught me a lot about grace and freedom, but most importantly it gave me basically the most badass community ever.

1. Jesus is all that matters to me. But hey, I assume you don't fear that I'll force Plott Hounds, Ole Miss, or Malbec on you, so don't fear that about Jesus either. 

Maryann and Wanda were the best of friends

Maryann and Wanda were the best of friends