After the train was delayed the next day, we decided we could walk downtown from Wicker Park.

*Silly tourists and their big ideas*

Halfway there, we saw the oasis of the Divvy bike station. To Mallory, it held promise of blister relief, a cool breeze, and a quicker commute. Personally, I was terrified. Biking in the city?! Never underestimate the persuasive power of a close friend. Plus, I needed to do something that scared me and this was it!

The photos that look like we took a nice little break are actually where I nearly passed out and had to sit with my head between my knees and wait for Mallory to find protein somewhere in this unknown city. 

We finally made it to Beatrix for lunch and a much-deserved cocktail right as I was feeling like I could actually enjoy the bikes.

*note: it's much easier once you're downtown and there are real bike lanes*

The rest of the trip flew by after I visited my (hopefully) future school and decided this is the place for me!

This post comes to you from a balcony in Oxford where I'm sipping coffee from a Chicago mug.


Check Mallory's post for the true meaning of this post's title.