Last week, my apartment family got a little bigger. If you follow my instagram, you already met our new girl, Roo.

My roommate got to know my Henry and decided she needed a pup of her own and this little Catahoula picked her!

When she got here she was painfully shy. I've never seen a dog so terrified and miserable as she was her first couple of days here. We didn't even let her meet Henry because we weren't sure how it would affect her. 

At the end of day 2, I was so heartbroken for her I was willing to try anything.

I let Henry out. 

That was the moment I truly met Roo. She lit up! Her tail came untucked and actually wagged!

Her new brother, Henry, changed everything and she is completely at home here with us.

Now my mornings look like this.

And my evenings look like this.