I've spent the last week of July for the past three years down at the Gulf of Mexico with 50-100 other women who love Jesus. The commute was a little longer this year and I had to bail on a week of school, but I made it!

The women at Redeemed Girl Ministries work hard to spoil us (even as leaders) and pour truth into us to get us prepared to return back home and change the world. Which is absolutely what we are doing, by the way.

I love looking out at my city every day, but this view really renews the value of rest.

And THIS view renews the value of JOY!

Don't miss the opportunity to eat at Native Cafe if ever in Pensacola, FL. And don't miss the opportunity to read Scary Close (multiple times) if ever you desire to have authentic relationships.

Spending a week watching Kat Harris worship and celebrate Jesus and women was such a treat! 

We're finally back home. And we're exhausted.