I've moved a lot in my adult life. I value travel and submersion in cultures I'm not used to. I think it has played a huge part in developing the person I am today. It has also played a huge part in my trust in my faith. 

It seems glamorous and brave and fun. It is all of those things. 

But it is also hard. Very very hard.

I have a wonderful roommate, wonderful apartment, wonderful school, wonderful new friends, wonderful church, and Henry is here and that's basically all that matters. ;)

But it is still hard.

And some days I still call home and cry while sitting on the bathroom floor repeating "I want to go home" to a distressed person back home who loves me and aches to fix it for me. 

Some days I walk Henry to the park not because I'm a great mom, but because I need to see the joy in his face as he runs.

Some days I cry in the backseat of a cab and trust that cab drivers have some sort of client-cabbie confidentiality agreement.

But other days I do yoga in the park looking out at the beautiful city skyline.

Other days I go out with my new friends and watch them kill it singing karaoke.

Other days I eat delicious tacos at 4am because I can do that here.

I will always encourage women to move! go! jump! grow!

But it comes with hard times. So don't do it alone. Invest in friends who will text you and call you and buy plane tickets to remind you that you're a badass who must carry on.