Time to share some of my favorite things for your beautiful bodies.

I've spent my life with crazy thick curly hair and worked as a makeup artist for three years. I'm not the girl that has tried every product in CVS; I'm the girl that has found high-quality products and stuck with them.

Sebastian Potion 9: I put this on towel-dried hair then let it air-dry and don't have to worry about my locks for days. It smooths frizz and creates those chunky waves all beach babes have.

Amy Head Cosmetics & Bonnie Holmes Skincare: There isn't a product sold by Amy Head that I don't love. All of my skincare and makeup comes from her. Some favorites are Mineral Foundation, Jojoba Foundation, and Mineral Skin Polish.

Essential Oils: I try to solve my body's problems as naturally as possible, and there is an essential oil for everything. Sometimes my problems need modern solutions, but lemon oil wakes me up in the morning and frankincense gives my skin a beautiful glow every day. 

Sensationail: Spending a fortune on that beautiful gel polish manicure every two weeks? I was until I invested in my at-home kit from sensationail. Lifesaver!

Sunscreen: I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to wear sunscreen on your face and neck every single day. I wear this Neutrogena Clear Face sunscreen instead of moisturizer every day. It can also be used alongside your moisturizer. Save yourself from wrinkles and skin cancer!

A few months into a real winter I'll be back with the best ways to keep your hair, skin, and nails moisturized during the harsh dry months. Until then, I'll be doing the experimenting so y'all don't have to. 


See? I take this sunscreen thing very seriously.

See? I take this sunscreen thing very seriously.