Winter is on its way in which means a lot more time inside. This year I am making my indoor space more enjoyable in hopes of avoiding the winter-time blues.

I've found that succulents are very hard to keep alive (contrary to what every blogger other than Mallory and myself will tell you), but they are a great way to bring life inside. They are very popular and are sure to make your workspace photos look trendy.

Now tidy up your odds and ends.
If you're anything like me, you collect tiny pieces of jewelry every time you walk into a store. With no wall hanging storage, the surfaces in my apartment must be organized and shopping for beautiful little jewelry trays is almost as fun as shopping for the jewelry itself.

If you do any work at home, keep. your. desk. organized.
Nothing makes being stuck inside worse than having limited work space that is cluttered.
Budget a trip to your local office supply store and invest in organizational furniture and files that can be located beside your work area instead of in it.


Once your space is clean as a whistle, add back in some things you love. I keep my favorite words and photos washi-taped to the wall beside my desk so during moments of frustration I have a reason to smile.

I'm the queen of giving ourselves grace, so the most important part of this space-creation is filling it with things you love. Things that encourage you to take a break from work or life or just anything you'd rather not do. 
I highly encourage you to fill your shelves with books and your beds with pups.