Going home feels so great. You know where everything is and which backroads to use when traffic is bad. You revisit favorite restaurants and spend time laying around with old friends.

However, going home also comes with a lot of pressure. I rarely leave feeling rested or satisfied. At some point in the visit I have disappointed at least one person by not being available. After about six years of living away from home I've learned some tricks to making the most of my visits

Prioritize the people you talk to most when you're away
It is counterintuitive, but they're clearly the people you care most about (and care most about you), so give them the face time they deserve. I can promise if you spend the week and get around to seeing only these people you won't be mad about it.

Learn to say no
This is a tough thing in about every corner of life. When you have limited time you're going to hurt someone's feelings by not seeing them or not seeing them enough or not seeing them at the specific event they wanted to. 
Odds are, you moved away and have done cool things and they want to know all about life far away. And that brings the guilt on full-force. But you absolutely cannot please everyone.
*this is how you make the first trick possible*

Eat all the food
Take off your fitbit, close your eyes, and consume all the calories.
You know the foods you've craved at 3am from thousands of miles away and this is your time to get em!

Visit the new places
Going home is all about nostalgia, but if you're from a place that gets cool new things every now and then, try them out when you visit! Not only is it fun, but it keeps you connected to what life is like for the people you love that still live there. 
*The Graduate just opened in Oxford and it's our new favorite spot*


Here are some goodies from my trip back home.
I clearly practice what I preach... lots of food and lots of Mallory.