So the Powerball lottery is up to a number over $1 billion. I can't even comprehend that type of number. However, I've had no trouble daydreaming about what I'd do with it.

I think it's a pleasant cosmic matchup that it's this high right around the time that we're setting new 2016 goals for ourselves. 

My goals sound like... a job with creative flexibility. a place to feel at home. as much new knowledge as possible. and things like that. 
Thanks to Danielle LaPorte, I think I'm at the top of my goal-setting game.

My most selfish lottery day dreams sound like... a Lamborghini. a beautiful home in Chicago. a plane for infinite travel and cultural experiences.
And would you look at that... aside from the car, my goals and my wishes are pretty in sync!

I encourage you to take some time to Powerball day dream!
Then let those daydreams guide your goals for the year.