I've been posting on this blog for 3 months... but no one knows that because I haven't published a single thing. Today, I dedicated my work day to learning how to properly do this thing. 


My day went a little like this:

Sat up very proud in my chair and went to the keeper of all knowledge... pinterest.

Read more about blogs than I ever read about my major during my 5 years of undergrad.

Made a really weird list about my "audience" and things about me and my "goals" to try to find a proper blog name. (failed)

Painted cardboard because some blogger told me that was how to get good photos... 

Gave up on blogging.

Stalked my favorite blogs.

Got really disappointed that my life is basically a snooze-fest and I don't even cook or craft (because I'm a freakin' adult trying to get actual money for all this creativity I have to offer)


So here I am. Starting a blog. 

Let's see how it goes.